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I'm a native of Fargo, ND who fled that bleak abyss back in 1999. I've been living in Los Angeles, CA ever since. My list of interests should get you started, and most of them are random nonsense.

Yes, you can see "furry" in that list of interests. Oddly, I don't hang out with furs terribly often anymore. I do hang out with friends of mine who just happen to be furry, but I ditched the social scene a while back. Turns out there's a lot of god damn morons you have to sort through to find the good people, so typically I just meet the good people through friends of mine!

I used to regularly commission art; I do not do so anymore. I've got a wife and three four kids + a grandkid to support, and they get first dibs on the money!

PS: Please notice that my "Friends List" is not a list of friends. It is a list of journals I want to read on a daily basis (or however often I check eljay). I limit that to 99 or less. Please do not be offended if I don't "friend you back." I most likely still read your journal, but it's on a more periodic (once a week or so) basis. Yes I know about filters, but I dunna care. I like my 99 or less rule. SO! Feel free to add me if you want to read my babblings, but don't sweat it if I don't add you back. I don't post friends only, so everything is right there.

PPS: I periodically go back and mark blocks of old entries private. You can usually get about a year back or so in my journal without running into such nonsense. After a time, I figure the entries are only for me to relive memories, or other people to dig for info they don't need.

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